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Telkom WiFi Guide, How To Get 4G Telkom MiFi Router In Kenya

Are you searching how to get connected to Telkom Kenya WiFi or the portable MiFi device? You have come to the right place.

In Kenya, internet connectivity is becoming a must-have as people are browsing more.

Telkom understands the need to get connected either at your home or office; thus, they introduced Telkom portable Wi-Fi.

Unlike other forms of Wi-Fi connection, you can carry with you your Wi-Fi wherever you go.

There are several Wi-Fi service providers in Kenya, but Telkom stands out among them, offering competitive intent packages and even unlimited internet connectivity at an affordable price.

Provided your home or office is located in an area with good Telkom network coverage, Telkom portable Wi-Fi should be your preference.

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How To Get Connected To Telkom Kenya Portable 4G WiFi

It is easy and fast to get connected to Telkom Wi-Fi, as there is no installation.

All you require to get connected is first, Telkom Line at the nearest Telkom customer care desk for home plan internet connectivity.

Another requirement is you purchase Telkom 4G MiFi router, which retails at Ksh. 5,999.

You can buy the MiFi router at Telkom shops, and it comes with a 4G line and 10GB free data valid for one month.

The need for this Router is to offer portability as it is small in size and its battery life lasts long.

Besides, you can connect to several users or devices.

You can get your mobile phone connected to 4G even if it only supports 3G connectivity.

The Router will offer you connectivity no matter where you go.

If you think the Router is too much for you and you own a 4G mobile phone, you can get the Telkom Sim card registered under the Home plan and still enjoy the Telkom Wi-Fi.

But if you want faster connectivity, you should consider buying a Telkom router.

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Telkom Kenya WiFi Internet Bunble Packages

Telkom cares for everyone; thus, they have introduced affordable packages.

Note these packages are only available for the Home plan connection subscribers.

Here are the internet packages you can purchase under the Telkom WIFI Home plan;

Daily plans (valid for 24)

5 GB hours at Ksh. 249

Monthly plans (valid for 30 days)

10 GB at Ksh. 999

25 GB at Ksh. 1,999

40 GB at Ksh 2,999

Three months plan (valid for 90 days)

100 GB at Ksh. 5,999

You can also subscribe to an unlimited plan which lasts for 30 days at Ksh. 3,999.

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How Much is Telkom Portable WiFi in Kenya

The amount of money you pay for Telkom portable Wi-Fi in Kenya depends on a number of factors.

The cost depends on the internet band the WiFi device supports as well as the amount of data available on it.

Prices of portable WiFi devices differ from one network to the other.

You can buy an Airtel 4G pocket WiFi with 5GB of internet data for Ksh 500.

However, a 4G pocket Wi-Fi with 70GB of internet browsing data from the same company cost Ksh 3000.

So you see, the price of the same device costs differently because it has a different amount of internet data on it.

The same applies to Telkom WiFi devices as we have outlined in an earlier section of this guide..

That is all you need to know about how to get connected to Telkom Kenya’s portable Wi-Fi

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