How to top-up Telkom LTE data bundle in South Africa

How To Top Up Telkom LTE Data, 2022, Buy Telkom Internet Data Bundle

There are many instances where you would want to buy a Telkom data bundle on your LTE device, but you face challenges with the process. Don’t worry, as we have dedicated this article to show you how to top-up your Telkom LTE data in simple steps.

This guide will be very easy and straightforward.

But before we get to the actual steps you need to top up the internet data, let me show you what you will need to proceed with the data purchase.

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Requirements To Buy Telkom Data On Your LTE Device

Here are the basic things you need to have before buying data on your Telkom LTE deice:

  • Registered Telkom line
  • Install the Telkom app
  • Create an account with the app

You can get started with the Telkom LTE data top-up after you get the above requirements.

With that out of the way, let us see the process you need to follow to buy the Telkom LTE internet data.

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How To Top Up Telkom LTE Data (Steps To buy LTE Data On Telkom)

If you want to buy Telkom LTE data on your device, here are the main steps you need to follow:

1. Go to the Telkom App.

2. Log in to your account to start the LTE data top-up.

3. When you get to the main dashboard, go to “Accounts“.

4. After that, choose “Buy” from the menu.

5. Because you are topping up your Telkom LTE data bundle, select “Data Bundles“.

6. After that, choose your preferred bundle.

7. Select your payment method.

8. You will receive a confirmation message on your screen.

9. At this moment, select “Continue“.

10. Finally, your Telkom LTE data bundle purchase will be successful.

Those are the main steps you should follow any time you want to buy credit on your LTE device.

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How To Check Internet Data Balance On Your LTE Device

Checking your data balance is very easy.

You can still use the app to view your balance or use the USSD code.

If you want to check your Telkom LTE balance using the app, then here is what to do:

  1. Open the app on your phone.
  2. Login to your account if you have already registered.
  3. If you have not already registered, you need to sign-up before checking your internet data balance.
  4. When that is done, go to the “Accounts” tab.
  5. Right on the accounts dashboard, you will see your Telkom LTE balance.

That is all you need to know about how to top up or buy Telkom LTE data.

Don’t forget to share your experience with the Telkom service in the comment section.

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