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Telkom Kenya Bundles (Packages), 2022, Telkom Kenya Internet Data Plans

In today’s guide, we will help you with everything you need to know about the Telkom Kenya bundles and internet data browsing prices. It is interesting to know that as a Kenyan, how much internet data bundle you get depends on the package you pay for.

We will enlighten you on the Telkom Kenya Daily data bundles, Weekly packages, Monthly internet bundles, Home plans, and Night data bundle packages.

The use of data in Kenya recently has increased as people are browsing more.

Thus Telkom seized this opportunity by introducing an affordable data plan.

This guide will share with you various Telkom Kenya bundles you can purchase at a low price like no other telecommunication network.

You don’t have to pay high chances on data bundles.

Telkom Kenya will help you save a lot of money if it offers you more data at a low price.

More so, the data bundles come with high-speed browsing as Telkom introduced a 4G connection.

Telkom cares for everyone; thus, they have data bundles with varied prices.

Here, we will have broken-down all the Telkom data bundles for you, making it easy to choose which data plan is suitable for you.

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Telkom Data Bundle Plans

There are several factors that determine each data bundle, such as time and price.

With respect to these two factors, here are Telkom Kenya data bundles plans:

  1. Daily data bundles
  2. Weekly data bundles
  3. Monthly data bundles
  4. Home plan data bundles
  5. Night data bundles

As you can see from the list of internet browsing packages above, you can select from a wide variety of options for your internet activities.

Telkom Daily Data Bundles

In this data bundle plan, you can enjoy faster browsing at very affordable data bundles.

The data bundles are valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase.

Here are the daily data bundles and prices:

  • 70MB at KES 10
  • 200MB at KES 20
  • 700MB + free Telkom calls at KES 50
  • 700MB + 700 night bundles (valid from 12:00 am to 6am)at KES 60
  • 2GB at KES 100

Those are the prices for the daily package for Telkom in Kenya.

Telkom Weekly Internet Data Bundles

You can also purchase weekly data bundles, which will last for seven days.

They are cheap and will last longer.

Here is the list of the data and prices for the Telkom Kenya weekly package:

  • 350MB at KES 49
  • 750MB at KES 99
  • 2.5GB at KES 249

So, with just 249 Kenyan shillings, you can browse the internet with 2.5 gigabytes of data.

Telkom Kenya Monthly Bundles (Packages)

You can actually save a lot by subscribing to the Telkom monthly data bundles.

They have data plans to suit your pocket. The internet bundle will last up to 30 days from the time you purchased.

Here the list of Telkom Kenya data plans and prices:

  • 2GB at KES 249
  • 5GB at KES 499
  • 12GB at KES 999
  • 30GB at KES 1,999
  • 50GB at KES 2,999

Another plan here is 30GB for only KSK 1,000, but you will receive 1GB daily.

If you exhaust the 1GB before the other day starts, you’ll have to purchase another plan to keep browsing.

Telkom Home Plan Internet Package

Telkom also offers home plan data bundles connection. You can purchase a Telkom 4G router to get connected.

You have to register the Telkom line in the nearest Telkom customer care on Home plan data.

Under the Home plan data plan, here some of the Telkom Kenya data bundle plans you can purchase:

Daily Home Data Packages

Under the Telkom Home plan, you can browse and get a 5GB data bundle at KSh 250.

That is interesting because it is almost for unlimited browsing.

Monthly Home plans

Here is the list of Telkom data package for Kenya with prices for the monthly Home plan:

  • 12GB at KSh 1,000
  • 30GB at KSh 2,000
  • 50GB at KSh 3,000
  • Unlimited – Daily 13.3 GB FUP at KSh 4,000
  • Unlimited Plus – Daily 16.6 GB FUP at Ksh 5,500.

If you want unlimited internet data on Telkom Kenya, then this is the package you need to select.

Telkom 90 Days Data Bundles (Packages)

With the 90-Day plan, you get 100GB at KSh 6,000.

Meaning you can use it for a lot of things on the web.

Browse and stream videos unlimited and at an alarming speed.

Telkom Kenya Night Data Bundles

You can enjoy browsing cheaper with the Telkom night data bundle plan, which is valid from 12:00 am to 6 am.

For only 50 Kenyan shillings, you will get 5GB worth of data for your internet browsing activities.

That is all you need to know about the Telkom Kenya internet bundle plans and subscription prices.

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