How to buy Telkom Kenya internet bundle

How To Buy Telkom Kenya Data Bundles, Steps To Buy Internet Data

One of the marketing strategies which have attracted more customers to use Telkom is affordable data bundles. If you have joined Telkom, chances are you have heard about their cheap data bundles, and right now, you wish to know how to buy Telkom Kenya data bundles.

Well, we have this quick guide for you.

As more people opted to use the smartphone in Kenya, it saw an increase in demand for data bundles.

The telecommunication networks in Kenya came up with new data bundles to attract more customers.

Still, so far, Telkom remains the suitable Telecommunication as the data bundle offer is a concern.

Telkom also upgraded to the 4G network and increased its network coverage to make their customers access fast internet connectivity.

With Telkom bundles, you get to browse at an affordable price.

More so, Telkom offers a chance not to lose your unused data bundles.

To extend the duration, all you need to do is buy another data package of the same amount or higher before the one you purchased expires.

All these, among other benefits, make Telkom a suitable Telecommunication in Kenya when it comes to data bundles.

Below is how to buy a data bundle of your preference, whether daily, weekly, or monthly.

How to buy Telkom Kenya data bundles

It is easy to buy Telkom data bundles. Follow the following steps:

  • Go to your mobile phone apps.
  • Open call menu app
  • Dial *544# then click the call button.
  • You will be directed to another menu. You can read through the menu to view different data offers.
  • But to view the main data plans reply with option 6 (the option changes sometimes)
  • Next, you will be prompted to select daily data bundles, weekly, monthly data bundles, or night data bundles.
  • You can choose the data bundle plan which suits you.
  • To complete the purchase will be required to confirm the purchase.

An SMS will be sent to your Telkom number to confirm the purchase detailing the amount purchased and validity duration.

How to unsubscribe from Telkom Internet Data

If you had subscribed for Telkom data bundles and now would like to change the plan, here are the steps on how to unsubscribe:

1. Dial *544#.

2. Select option 6 (but sometimes the options change)

3. Select the plan you

4. Select the data plan you’re unsubscribing from either daily data bundles, weekly or monthly.

5. Next, select the precise data bundle.

6. You select unsubscribe and confirm

7. An SMS from Telkom Kenya will be sent to you confirming you have unsubscribed from that data plan.

You can go ahead and purchase another plan.

Those are the basic steps you need to follow to buy a Telkom internet data bundle in Kenya.

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